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What is Home?

Wikipedia defines a home as a permanent or semi-permanent space or domicile where families live. It can be fully or semi-sheltered and can have exterior and internal aspects to it. But a “home” is more than space, and it is more than a structure. It’s a place where friends and…

The Trinity of the Politician, The Prostitute and the Priest
Society’s Trinity ©Rajiv Chopra


There is a Holy Trinity that exists in the world of men and women. This goes by the three ‘P’s.

· The Prostitute

· The Politician

· The Priest

They all play a significant role in our lives. Ever since I was a young chap, I was told that prostitution…

A drunk, possibly spaced out man lying with his head in a gutter
©Rajiv Chopra. Oblivion


Most of us are generally oblivious of the world around us. And, I think that this is especially true today, when you see most people walking around with their noses buried into their phones. We are inundated with so many messages that we react instantaneously, without pausing to think. …

In my country - India - we were down to 10,000 cases a day. This is exactly one month ago. Since then, the cases have been rising. We had 103,000 new cases yesterday. We all have to learn to live with it. When I read Daniel Defoe's book, I realise we are in better shape in terms of conveniences. Also, most people in India are poor, and about 80million people have been pushed into poverty last year. Their living conditions are horrible.

I don't like Covid-19, but I do not crib because I realise that I am a bit more fortunate than many others

An image of a dictator and his worshippers
Servile. ©Rajiv Chopra

Our great leader. We bow to him and pray to him. He is the best leader we can hope for, because we love him, and have faith in him.

Why do we have faith in him, you ask? How dare you ask such questions? You are scum. Vermin. You are…

Look at those sniveling little fools, snot running down their noses. I stand here, and look at servility just oozing from their pores.

Servile little bastards. They live, and exist, to serve me. Yes: ME. I am the Lord and Master f all I survey. …

A surreal image, depicting a scene of death
Death. Image courtesy


The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected us in several ways. For one, we are all in it together — if you exclude China from the equation. If my knowledge is correct, this is the first truly global pandemic since the Spanish Flu of 1918–20. One century ago. We were all in…

A view of my balcony. ©Rajiv Chopra

My Balconies

We have three balconies. Four, if you include the small kitchen balcony.I have not yet fallen in love with the balcony that is outside my bedroom. It’s a great place to read. That’s for sure, but the vibe has not yet entered my system. I am sure that once I…

A Child Growing From The Roots


I remember reading Alex Hailey’s book, “Roots” many years ago. I have, however, quite forgotten the substance of the book. It’s one I read many years ago. It struck a chord with many people.

Fans of “The Big Bang Theory” may recollect that the character Sheldon Cooper gave a copy…

A flower. A leaf. A new beginning
The Beginning Photo by Donnie Rosie on Unsplash

The Mongrel Rises

My Sites

I have two other publications on “medium.Com”. I call one “My Camera & My Chai”, and the other is “Tales from The Green Spider”. I will probably delete them from this site and concentrate on this one.

The reason I intend to delete them is that I could not find…

Rajiv Chopra

From being a good corporate citizen, I am now a photographer, author &business advisor. India is my home. I also lived in the UK, China, Singapore & Switzerland

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