The Trinity of the Politician, The Prostitute and the Priest
Society’s Trinity ©Rajiv Chopra


The Prostitute

A drunk, possibly spaced out man lying with his head in a gutter
©Rajiv Chopra. Oblivion


An image of a dictator and his worshippers
Servile. ©Rajiv Chopra



No one else.

A surreal image, depicting a scene of death
Death. Image courtesy



A view of my balcony. ©Rajiv Chopra

My Balconies

A Child Growing From The Roots


A flower. A leaf. A new beginning
The Beginning Photo by Donnie Rosie on Unsplash

The Mongrel Rises

My Sites

©Rajiv Chopra. Homeless Soles

My Past

Rajiv Chopra

From being a good corporate citizen, I am now a photographer, author &business advisor. India is my home. I also lived in the UK, China, Singapore & Switzerland

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