All kinds of leaders

We’ve seen some crazy leaders

All Kinds Of Leaders

These are strange times. Everyone is obsessed with COVID-19. There are jokes, predictions, images, animations, and all sorts of jingoistic conversation that is going all around town.

In the meanwhile, it’s an excellent time to see different kinds of leadership styles on display.

It may be an excellent time to go up around the gallery and see what we have on display.

Good, but.

I’d like to start with my own Prime Minister, Narender Modi. I am a critic of a lot of things that he has done; especially the way that he has divided the country, and his economic management. He is a politician and does stuff for his interest. All politicians act in their self-interest.

However, while he did fiddle at the outset, especially when Delhi burned and he wooed Trump, he did take a correct and tough decision to lock down the country. Sadly, he seemed to have forgotten about migrant workers. He also has not been able to get people from his party to obey the lockdown.

He will return to his old ways once this crisis is over.

The Deceitful.

Conspiracy theories are floating all over the world these days. Did China plant the SARS-CoV-2 virus on an unsuspecting world?

Xi Jinping did take some intense action to control the spread of the virus and seems to have succeeded so far.

The world of rumour would like us to believe that the wet markets in which people sell bats and rats have opened again. If these rumours are correct, then when the Chinese government says that these markets are banned, is just a lie. If these rumours are correct, then there is a strong possibility that another zoonotic virus may be on its way to the world. Time will tell if my assumption is correct or not.

Xi Jinping is extremely economical with his words, and perhaps, the truth.

The Good.

The leaders and governments in South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada and a few other countries have won plaudits for how they have handled the crisis.

They have been tough, systematic, transparent and humane. In my own home country, the one person who stands out head and shoulders above the rest, is the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan.

The outbreak was severe in Kerala. People across India made fun of what was happening there. He started testing; established basins with water and soap at all bus stops; arranged meals for poor people at the village level and was extremely transparent in how he communicated with his people.

He has managed to control the spread of the outbreak in his state. The Prime Minister, today, announced that the Kerala model would be implemented across the country.

The Crazy

The one name that springs to mind is Donald Trump. It is difficult to describe him as a leader because he is not a leader. Unfortunately, he is the President of America.



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